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Veritas Agro is a specialized consultancy company focused on delivering farmland investment and land development with excellence. The result of these combinations provides a high expertise in the farming sector.

We are a genuine brazilian company, without head office in Europe or USA, and we sell, exclusively, brazilian lands, because Brazil has 527 million of hectares propitious to agricultural activities, which represents 62% of its territory. Moreover, the country has the most advanced technology in the tropical agriculture process.

The brazilian climate is also a huge advantage to agribusinnes, because it is the only continental country in the world whose main axis is inserted in the north-south direction, meaning that its territory has all climates, from tropical to the cold, which contributes to the high production potential agribusiness and forestry.

For these and another reasons the country has the most productive and profitable land on the planet, which promotes a great return on investment (ROI) and a high financial liquidity.

We provide the best product and the best service. Our legal services will give security for overseas investors, handling the purchase process and also selecting the best property for our clients.

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